about us

Digilearning was created to inspire and encourage young people (teachers and parents) across the world to develop their talents in the digital space and thrive.  It’s not just about creating the next Mark Zuckerbergs, Rihanna’s, Bill Gates it’s also about creating some of the most diverse and forward thinking farmers, plumbers, singers… creative thinkers.

Digilearning is one of the most exciting, forward thinking, brands to enter the rapidly developing Educational technology (#Edtech) space. We believe every child must gain essential skills and learn about the digital space in a fun, safe and engaging way for them to understand a world that is increasingly dominated by technology.


“Digital Literacy Should Be The Fourth Pillar Of A Child’s Education Alongside Reading, Writing And Mathematics And Be Resourced And Taught Accordingly”

House of Lords



Digihacks: Workshops educating young people, teachers and parents about the digital landscape, safety and well being  and building practical skills for now and the future. Includes experience areas demonstrating technology for example VR, 3d printing, robotics and more.

Digiworld: Gaming platform using AI (Augmented Intelligence) & AR (Augmented Reality) to entertain and engage young people, as well as an area supporting teachers and parents.

DigiPacks: A series of subscription packs for children teaching the myriad of opportunities digital has to offer includes a book, missions and physical play.

It’s fundamental children gain skills for the ever-evolving digital world, no matter where they live and Digilearning, with its traditional books and technology led subjects, will ensure a diverse range of young people are reached. As our society is becoming digitally rich, our education of this technology is digitally poor and change is urgently needed.

The Digilearning team, with 70+ combined years of digital technology experience in the space, working with various professionals, teachers and intensive research, has gained the knowledge and insight to create a range of consumer goods for the #Edtech space. At the forefront of our business will be our book series, Digihack events and an online learning platform.


Our mission is to enable and encourage children and young people aged 5 to 30 to be entrepreneurial digital creators to help them acquire essential skills, to be confident and thrive in an increasingly digital, interconnected world that is ever changing, to help strengthen their opportunities in life. Digilearning will build trusted tools for young people, parents and educators to teach them about the digital landscape and what it has to offer in an effective, fun and creative way.

The content we teach demonstrates the myriad of opportunities afforded by the World Wide Web. Understanding technology is not the same as using it, so we instruct on coding to demonstrate how to evaluate the benefits, disadvantages, opportunities, risks and how to put their ideas into practice. Computers are pretty smart at coding and are exceeding expectations in comparison to humans but impossible to match in terms of creativity.


  • ACTION NOT WORDS – There has been a lot of talk about digital education, but not much is being done about it except for a few coding classes.
  • GO LOCAL AND INVEST IN COMMUNITIES WITH DIGIHACKS – Our Digihack days have been created to provide essential digital skills for young people.
  • MAKE UK DIGITAL LEADERS OF THE WORLD – We need to display the power of digital and how it’s provided tools to excel in the current world we live in.
  • ENSURE DIGITAL ACCESSIBILITY FOR ALL – Children and young people throughout the world need to understand the negatives and positives of digital.
  • CREATE ROUNDTABLE OF DIGITAL LEADERS – To inspire our young to understand the myriad of possibilities.
  • PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY EDTECH TOOL FOR LEARNING – This will be a base for learning using a mixture of gaming and technology including AR.