Mental Health Support in Full Swing

Anxiety, tiredness, and even depression are all symptoms of poor employee mental health. Fortunately, it is now more in focus for businesses who are now creating action plans to combat and support the mental health of their employees. 

“ Well-being in general, and the mental health of employees in particular, must be at the heart of the company’s strategy or culture. For us, Care is a key value that we strive to transmit via our management in particular ”, says Benjamin Suchar, founder and CEO of Worklife.

But how can you create this culture? We think this involves learning how to listen and make everyone feel heard, appreciated, and valued in the workplace. This also implies that the company initiative and the manner in which it is carried out make sense to the workforce itself.

HiPay, for example, has opted to focus on training to guarantee that their employees thrive as much as possible. Currently, the workshops they have created are specifically designed around four themes: soft skills, active listening, human connections in management, and changing management.

“Manager training serves as a reminder of how important empathy is especially in professional human connections.”  says Grégoire Bourdin, CEO of HiPay. 

It also provides a framework of tools to managers so that they know where their responsibilities stop and therefore do not make themselves “ill.” by overworking.  And by working on change, which is unique to our digital era and quite prevalent in a tech firm like HiPay”.  It also entails understanding that it is preferable to spend time discussing changes at work rather than just enforcing them. “Because it has the potential to be pretty damaging,” explains Grégoire Bourdin.

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