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About Us – DigiRISE

Have you got your game on? The game of life. Are you ready? Ready to crack and hack your way through it...?

We want to change the way you are learning… how I hear you say? Well for one we want to start creating stuff you love and want to learn. We want you to tell us. We want to get you teachers who can bring something a little bit different to the way you learn. We want to deliver digicourses that you will love and wanted to learn more.

So what next?

Take action and sign up

Pick a Digicourse you want to complete and if we do not have the one you want, let us know!

Create the life that you will thrive in and remember you never stop learning!

Digital skills for now and the future

Open Doors with Our Professional Certificate Courses (Online)

  • Online certificates can be obtained in a range of areas
  • We want to ensure you gain the skills you can use in a job role you love
  • Look out for our partners job roles and apprenticeship levels