The Entrepueners Conundrum

Entrepreneurship is not as easy as you would think it is. Especially when you are feeling alone in making decisions. Justine Lambert, founder of Brains with Benefits, saw this and created a network that speaks directly into the ears of entrepreneurs. 

It’s called entrepreneurial solitude says Justine Lambert who created ClassPop: unique courses in atypical places. However, as the path to achievement is anything but easy she decided to close it as she was facing problems with loneliness, which actually motivated her to start the second. 

So how should we combat loneliness as entrepreneurs?

Connect with individuals outside of your workplace, business, and partner.

While unity within your workplace and sector is crucial, there are moments when you need to tap into your bigger humanity. If you have a spouse or partner, I’ve discovered that it’s also beneficial to not rely only on that person for connection and support outside of work. That’s a lot of responsibility, and it may strain a relationship.

To attain inner tranquility, connect with your shadow side.

Connect with your “shadow”. The shadow is the (mainly) unconscious aspect of ourselves; it is what we fear we are but do not want to be. 

I propose writing, meeting with a therapist or guide, and spending lengthy time in meditation to discover your own dark side. Get comfortable exploring all aspects of yourself, including those you may have ignored in the past.

Write down your goal and read it frequently.

When you’re feeling lonely, sit down with a pad of paper and write out all of the reasons why you began your business, as well as your future plans. 

Also re-read your past works as this  can assist you in seeing improvement in areas where you may have improved more than you know, as well as reconnecting with your true self.

Let’s say this together: you are not alone as an entrepreneur. 

Make an effort to connect and the community will follow. 

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