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DIGILEARNING SURVIVAL KIT homeschooling (Series 1)

Wondering what you are going to do with the kids? How are you going to keep them interested in academic stuff? Life and work balance? What life? How to fit in lunch? What to teach them? Yes it’s been an eventful couple of weeks leading up to home schooling kicking off and we thought we would put something very special together our Digilearning survival kit. We are here to help.

Working with leading professionals and academics we have put together the ultimate digital skills home learning survival kit for your children.

We also understand how important digital is to us especially now at this current time! It’s becoming our lifeline.

What does the survival kit contain?

  1. A timetable with a weeks worth of missions including physical activities for children aged  up to 12 (there will be more released over the coming weeks). Children can complete the missions over 5 days or 3 weeks its their choice (there should not be any pressure you can do one a day) and yours. These missions have been carefully crafted to not just be about sitting in front of a screen they are also about interacting and being creative with the real world.
  2. Six digital skills missions your child can complete as and when they please.
  3. Two Digilearning ebooks teaching the very best of the digital world that relates to the real world.

All content is in line with KS1 & KS2.

We will also be running a #Digiparents conference this week on how to keep your children safe online and some best practice tips on how to homeschool! Details will be coming soon.

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