Thank you for your support Everything Community!

Here at Digilearning we rely on the support of others, our programme could not run without financial contributions, volunteer speakers, volunteer mentors, workshop facilitators and support from big brands. One company that has been supporting us this year is Everything Branded.

We originally reached out to Everything Community for some free swag for our goody bags for the young people on our programme. Everything Community worked with Everything Branded to provide us with some free branded face masks, which we have all been rocking!

After giving us the facemaks we thought how could we collaborate further and asked Paul Rowlett CEO and Founder if he wanted to deliver a workshop for our programme. Everything Community and Paul Rowlett jumped at the chance to educate our young people and tell his inspiring story!

Paul taught the girls about his road to success and how he has paved his own way and that sometimes the road to greatness is never easy. The example of Paul’s journey was a great opening for the session and just how hard it can be. Hard work, determination and drive is essential if you want to make it big.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed his talk and it opened a few eyes to all our aspiring female entrepreneurs. With a chance to ask questions at the end, the young ladies of GirlRise took the opportunity to quiz Paul on how he managed to turn his life around and progress while the odds were against him. Paul took them on a journey through the dark days of Paul living on next to nothing to appear on the hit Channel 4 TV show, The Secret Teacher. A programme about successful people going back to school undercover. It proved to be an eye-opener for Paul and others. From this, Paul learned more about the lack of entrepreneurial skills taught in schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Paul then very kindly sent gift packages to all the girls that attended the talk! An extremely generous gesture of which they were all very grateful.

We love the ethos of EverythingCommunity, we want to serve the community. Who firmly believe that without communities we have NOTHING but with a community we have EVERYTHING and we love them! Thank you for your support.