Girlrise 2022 Web 3.0

Digilearning can be found on every social media platform from, LinkedIn to TikTok, in the bio of each of these platforms you will find the Linktree to the other pages and the link to sign up to GIRLRISE. Either this or you can find the sign up on the website, you can see the button right at the top. You start with answering the questions about your contacts and then move to more general questions so that the Digilearning team can already start finding a match for your mentor! 

With GIRLRISE young women have the opportunity to foster and develop enhanced skills to use in the vast world of digital while simultaneously empowering them with real life skills. No matter the background that the young people have come from they have the equal opportunities to work with incredible brands and companies that share our aims therefore increasing their opportunities.

In the summer of 2020, the students from GIRLRISE were given the opportunity by TAKUMI to attend the AdTech festival Madfest. The students over the two days that the festival took place were given the task of preparing a brief for Natwest which would be presented on the second day. Each student overcame a challenge through the process, for some it was meeting the other young people, working as a group or public speaking. 

A student who attended Madfest says “I went to Madfest with a lot of anxiety and didnt feel so confident. However the Digilearning team helped me to build my confidence and showed me the amazing side to digital marketing which I was unaware of beforehand”.

The workshops at GIRLRISE consist of topics from crypto to gaming, each session is a new chance to learn about something new and it’s done in a fun way. The speakers, who are professionals in their field, can use the time they have to teach the students about their work sector, or they may show them practical skills like creating your CV. There is no limit to what you will learn in the GIRLRISE programme.

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