What our student ashley says about girlrise

Digirise is a programme that has taught me that no matter where I come from or what my background is, I can achieve what I set my mind to. 

I joined Digirise as I had heard about it from a friend and was in need of a direction to take after finishing school. She had told me about the innovation in the sessions and the bond between student and mentor and how beneficial having people believing in you. 

I was willing to grab the opportunity with both hands as quickly as I could. 

From learning about crypto to learning about the basics of starting a business, the weekly sessions provided us students with a plethora of career opportunities, for exponential professional growth. The speakers that lead our sessions teach us and present us with a variety of different skills and ways to succeed in our passions through interactive powerpoints and activities that we share with our peers. Through sharing ideas and concepts with our speakers and other students, I found a confidence in myself that I was unable to find before. I can now have meaningful and impactful conversations with individuals that I otherwise would have felt daunted by. 

Digilearning then partnered us with a mentor that was suited to you and your future career ambitions. I found my mentoring sessions aided me immensely in figuring out the direction I was sure of and how to clear the path to get there. I have been taught so many skills from Digilearning and my mentor about business and general life, I couldn’t be more grateful to Lisa and Sarah for the opportunities that Digilearning has given me and for the evident interest in my future endeavors.